The Panache Multi-zone walk-through meta detector was designed as a quality security detector with a pleasing aesthetic appearance and all of the features plus some not found in the up market units available.The unit incorporates detector coils and infra-red photocells in each side making up 12 individual zones. When a pre-settable mass of metal passing though the unit is exceeded, an indication is given by means of indication lights in each side as to the position of the metal detected. In addition, an audio alarm is given the frequency of which increases in proportion to the vertical positioning of the metal. The security personnel are therefore made aware of the position of the metal being carried without having, necessarily, to look at visual signals. In addition, voltage free contacts are provided to actuate a remote alarm or lock a turnstile. The unit has a touch- screen for control functions and diagnostics.

More Details

The detector frame is from fiberglass which ensures that the unit is robust, durable and will not deteriorate in time. It is light and can easily be maneuvered by one person. The shape has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and modem. Mounting brackets can be provided, on request. Five metres or mains cable is supplied as standard, entering the unit from floor level. The detector is normally stocked in light grey, but alternative colours can be specified on request for bulk orders.


  • Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Free Standing
  • Durable fiberglass construction
  • Available in various colours (on request for bulk orders)
  • Self-test
  • Infra-red photocells with traffic count to monitor movement through the detector
  • Interlocking relays
  • Audio alarm with increasing pitch to indicate in which of 4 zones the metal is carried, thus easing area identification
  • 3-part design for ease of assembly and transportation (done using reliable contacts, no connectors, and 4 hand operated fixing screws
  • Touch-screen operation for individual sensitivity setting per zone. These settings are maintained even if power is removed
  • Password protection
  • Network function where multiple units can be remotely monitored and controlled as well as total counts of traffic and failures downloaded (Particularly valuable for marketing purposes
  • Optional access control to monitor staff/ visitor movement