This special ops tactical 1000-lumen rechargeable LED flashlight is ideal for military and policing and easy to mount on rifles. Tough and robust enough to withstand rifle shock and suitable for use in any condition it is specifically engineered for law enforcement and features 2 buttons in the tail cap, 1 button switch and 1 detachable pressure switch (optional) for quick ON/OFF lighting. The LS-801 also includes a strike bezel on its head for close quarter defence.

More Details


  • Two switches in tailcap – button switch and detachable pressure switch (optional)
  • This tactical flashlight has only an ON/OFF function – no dimming or strobing functions
  • Super Strong Aluminium Alloy Body
  • Military Spec Hard Anodising (Black)
  • Cree LED – 100,000hr Lifetime
  • Lasts much longer than conventional incandescent globes.
  • New built in energy management system, results in longer battery life
  • Strike Bezel on head for close quarter defence
  • Impact resistant – Drop: 1,5m
  • Weather Resistant
  • Beam Distance: 400m (pre-focused)