An entry-level law enforcement flashlight designed for use in all conditions and circumstances, robust enough to deal with rough handling and falling and includes a strike bezel on its head for close quarter defence. This 400-lumen rechargeable LED tactical flashlight has 3 mode-settings of 100%, 50% and strobing, the disorientation effect allows the user to make arrests and deal with violent individuals in dangerous low light and dark conditions.

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  • 3 Mode Settings: 100%, 50% & Strobing
  • Super Strong Aluminium Alloy Body
  • Military Spec Hard Anodising (Black)
  • Cree LED – 100,000 hr Lifetime
  • Lasts much longer than conventional incandescent globes.
  • New built in energy management system, results in longer battery life
  • Strike Bezel on head for close quarter defence
  • Impact resistant – Drop: 1,5m
  • Weather Resistant
  • Beam Distance: 200m (pre-focused)